Blackpink and PUBG Mobile is teaming up in future

Blackpink and PUBG Mobile is teaming up in future

         “Blackpink is in your area” – Pubg mobile. This line had confirmed that Blackpink and PUBG are teaming up.

          Blackpink is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Their latest song “ How You Like That” had broken the Guinness world record and youtube records of most viewed premier video. Recently PUBG Mobile has announced that they are teaming up with Korean Music Group Blackpink.

          We are assuming that may be character of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa may be introduce. Customizable wear for the character is also going to be in coming team up. Taking the hint of one more tweet of PUBG, may be the surrounding or colour scheme of the game will turn to be pink. Airdrops, clothes, etc will turn pink.

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