Epic Games and Apple dispute

Epic Games and Apple dispute

          Epic Games and apple dispute come to a long way as apple removed fortnite from its app store.

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          Epic games had filed a case against apple in US court. The case was filled because apple had removed Fortnite from its app store without intimating epic games. The reason to remove fortnite clarify by apple is that epic games has started their own feature of payment for their in-game purchases. They further says that it is against to their contract policy.

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          US court passes the judgement that Fortnite will not turn back to app store and it will not receive any further updates on apple devices. Android owners do not to worry because they can download the game from epic games store app of android. Apple also wants to close the support of unreal game engine and discontinue the support of unreal game engine. But US court says that it will demotivate many game programmers and it is next to impossible to implement it.

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