Epic Games is giving free discord nitro worth $9

Epic Games is giving free discord nitro worth $9

          Epic Games is offering 3 months free discord nitro boost.

          Epic Games is giving free approx $11 discord nitro boost. This offer is valid till 24 June 2021 11 a.m. EDT. Discord Nitro :n5: is available for 3 months. Nitro boost is used to enhance your server and make your server to next level. Discord nitro will unlock some perks for your server. Depending upon your level of server boost from 1 to 3, perks differ. You need 2 boosts for first level, 15 and 30 boosts for level 2 and level 3 respectively. Along with that you will get 30% discount for further boosts.

How to apply for free discord nitro?

  1. Open Epic Games on your browser or PC.
  2. Login with your epic games account.
  3. Find Free Discord Nitro banner or click here for direct link.
  4. Click on free now and complete the process.
  5. You will get mail with redeem code as soon as possible. We got our redeem code in 1 hour.

Note:- You need to add payment method for automatic subscription of discord nitro after 3 months. You can cancel it anytime if you don’t need it.

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