Everything we know About GTA 6

Everything we know About GTA 6

The Grand Theft Auto aka GTA 6 series of games is one of the best gaming series of all time and probably the reason you are into gaming is because you started playing GTA gaming with songs.pk downloaded songs in your custom radio.

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It has been nearly 10 years since GTA V and in between we were able to witness the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, but what most of us are eagerly waiting for is some news and some acknowledgement from Rockstar Games about GTA 6. Since a lot of us have been long time fans of the series and will be willing to purchase GTA 6 in the blink of an eye given how much we love the series. Although Rockstar Games has not acknowledged GTA 6 or anything related to it, we have some possible leaks and rumors from insiders about GTA 6 and what it would be looking like. So here we present you all a list of everything we know about GTA 6 so far.

Development Time:

The game has been in the pipeline since 2012 exactly after GTA V but it wasn’t actually started before 2015 since the team was busy building Red Dead Redemption 2. Unlike previous games the upcoming GTA 6 is the work of every single Rockstar games Studio around the world and has the code name of PROJECT AMERICAS.

MAP and Visuals:

Although Rockstar games had shown hesitancy in building GTA 6 for a modern world due to the rapidly changing modern world such that the game would go outdated in terms of setting within seconds, which was a hint and indication that the game will be taking place in the 70s and 80s with Vice City being a part of the map, but from recent insider leaks/rumors it has been revealed that the game will have Vice City as a part of the map and give away a 70s/80s vibe based in Rio De Janeiro.

The game is set to have some linear missions in liberty city and the map is rumored to be much bigger than GTA V. The game’s visual appeal and theme is being said to be highly inspired from the Netflix show Narcos.

Character and Backstory:

As per supposed leaks the game will have a single playable protagonist and unlike previous rumors the protagonist is not going to be female but continue to remain male. Your character will be a “wannabe” upcoming drug lord named Ricardo who will be starting out smuggling cocaine from one city to another. Unlike previous GTA games your body armor won’t be an invisible thing and your weapons too will be stored in the trunk, seems like an interesting and equally difficult mechanic to play out.

Game Mechanics:

The game’s realism and arcade will have a balance learning from the mistakes of Red Dead Redemption 2 where the realism sometimes tends to ruin the arcade part of the game. The weather which includes mechanics like storms and hurricanes will have a heavy focus. The game might feature a fictional version of Fidel Castro and it will be discussing many issues such as HIV, immigration relevant to the time setting it is based in.

There will also be a giant prison which plays an essential part in the game.

The game might span over eras and they will have a simulated economy where the older classic cars will become more expensive and other things in the simulated economy.

Possible reasons for delay and possible Announcement events:

After seeing Cyberpunk 2077’s roll out, many studios are being more secretive around the work that is being undertaken which was pretty evident in this year’s E3 and this year too we didn’t receive any announcement from Rockstar Games in their parent company Take Two Interactive’s E3 event. Another possible reason for the delay would be because of the global semiconductor shortage the world is facing right now amidst the pandemic and that might hinder GTA 6’s sales because of the high specifications it requires.

Optimistically we might get to see a teaser in a nearby upcoming Sony event similar to the announcement of GTA V which too happened at a PlayStation event. Else the semiconductor shortage is not expected to be overcome any time before the next year because of which we can optimistically expect an announcement around the holiday season of 2021(Christmas/New Year).

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