Facebook touched 822 millions of total watch hours in Q2 of 2020

Facebook touched 822 millions of total watch hours in Q2 of 2020

          As because of Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown, most of the users spend their time on internet.

          Lockdown in many countries because of Covid-19 gave rise to video surfing. Many youngsters get engaged in esports tournament to utilize their time with some fun and entertainment. Gamers spent their lot of time in watching esports and facebook gaming just get boosted.

          Facebook gaming is just recently launched its gaming platform for gamers. Facebook get success in his update. According to SafeBettingSites.com, Facebook hit about 822 million watch hours because of esports and streamers. In the first quarter of 2019, facebook almost hit 164.6 million watch hours. In the next quarter it hit about  197.7 million.

          Statics shows that between  october to December 2019, user spent total 460 million of watch hours. In first half of 2020, users spent 1.3 billion watch hours of facebook gaming. Covid-19 pandemic has realised us that gamers want to spent time but they are lack of time to play games and watch esports.

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