FAUG release date and time. FAUG a one tap game- FAUG game review

FAUG release date and time. FAUG a one tap game- FAUG game review

          FAUG or fearless and United Guard is released on January 26, 2021 on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day for the mobile and available on play store. FAUG release date and time and FAUG game review is here.

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          FAU-G game which was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar just after the ban of PUBG mobile was in trend. Everyone wants to know the release of the game. Today on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, FAU-G game is released and available free on play store. The game is developed and published by Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd. The game was released for early access. Those who have pre-registered for the game have got the notification from play store and can download from there. You can also download the game from here.

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FAUG is an Indian multiplayer battle royale game, an substitute for PUBG Mobile. For now, the game has only one mode that is Campaign mode which states the Galwan Valley Tales. Galwan Valley situated at Ladakh-China border. While starting the game, you will get the cut scene of the story of Galwan Valley war which is narrated in Hindi. The commander has to defeat the enemies. Health of the commander will be revived by sitting near the bornfire. The game is in 3rd person perspective mode. The character of the game move with the joystick present on the screen. The game will release soon with its deathmatch and free to all game mode.


The game was said to be the competitor of PUBG Mobile. On the first look of the game, we get some galwan valley story cutscenes. The hindi narration of the game gives the Indian taste to the game.  Although game is not fully released yet, it is a one tap game. Now you are thinking that what is this term “one tap game”. The game is launched with just Campaign mode. The mode is only have mechanics of walking and tap to hit. You just have to tap the hit button and the commander of the game self hit the enemy player with different-different actions. You do not have option lay down, crouch or any peek to fire option. There is only one weapon that is hand weapon. The movement of the character is not that much properly optimized and camera angles need to be improved. Gun is showing its vacancy very clearly. But it is expected that the game will bring some upward movement after deathmatch and free to all play mode. While concluding the game, as title tells that it is a one tap game.

Revenue of the game:

The game is free to download on playstore. The will earn its revenue from the in-game purchases also known as micro-transactions. In-game transaction will have price range between 19 to 2,999. It was said by nCore games and Akshay Kumar that 20% of the game revenue will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer organization.

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