India doesn’t have creativity ?

India doesn’t have creativity ?

          In talk with Sir Numaan Khan, we discussed about Is India doesn’t have creativity ?

          It was always the question in everyone’s mind that is India is lack of creativity? In a recent session with Sir Numaan Khan, we had a great talk with them on this topic. Giving answer with the fact, Sir says that India is having a great story building idea mind. India have creative, hard-working, idea developing mind but the problem arrives is that they are lack of their communication skill. To be getting the term in exact way, Indians can’t express them clearly. There is lot of problem an individual have while expressing or understanding his concept design to the second person. India is unable to portray the sketch which is going in their mind. This is because people have different thinking and it is difficult to build the imaginary structure of your idea in their mind.

About Sir Numaan Khan:

          Numaan Khan Sir is Game Architect by profession. He also holds the qualification of game designer and level designer. He worked at ADSMN, an augmented reality company. He is a game architect did a lot of works in the Game industry with a background in the art side in games and optimization in games. He was game developer at Digital Lync Academy. He has done the qualification of game designer, game developer from Xmak – South-Eastern Finland University of applied science. He has done the mastery in Udemy.

“Get addicted to your own game first and then go for the other things.” Numaan Khan

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  1. Aditya

    In simple words India have creativity but have lack of budget

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