“Indian Gaming market is much different and easy than Global Market”- Rituraj Behra

“Indian Gaming market is much different and easy than Global Market”- Rituraj Behra

          Rituraj Behra is a founder and Chief Project Officer of Cympl Studio.

          Rituraj Behra and Ratikant Behra the brothers had opened this Cympl Studio. Cympl Studio is an Indian Gaming Studio who makes games and publishes games. They have more than 60 employees with whom they are working. They make indie mobile games. One of their famous mobile is masala Express. Super Krishna Crush has got studio game of the year IGDC. It is a Pune based studio who is working to boost the gaming market in India. More games they have published are Super Krishna Crush, Masala Madness, Captain Solo, etc. Cooking Empire is the new game they are going to launch is 2021 with famous cook Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

         Is recent podcast with Rituraj Behra they have shared their ideas about mobile and mobile market in India. They discussed that mobile market in India is much easier to develop. User based mobile games are adopted by India. As compare to global gaming market, Indians have more mobile market. If you want to grow in global market, you have to create that top-notch game which every global gaming user will accept and which is too much difficult for a beginner gamer.

  • Beginning of Cympl Studio

Rituraj Behra had developed their interest in gaming from childhood. They expressed that cassette games era was one of the best era for gaming. Rituraj Behra is software engineer by education. They haven’t done any special course on game making. Dinesh Giridhar and Rituraj Behra meet with each other and they started this studio with niece of mobile gaming. They opened their studio at Pune. And developed certain mobile games. They have more than 12 million downloads on their studios.

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