Mortal Shell Release Date is here.

Mortal Shell Release Date is here.

          As per Mortal Shell tweet on June 14, Mortal Shell announced that they will release mortal shell this year on Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One. Mortal Shell release date is in this month.

          Mortal Shell is an upcoming action role-playing video game by Cold Symmetry. The Game is published by Playstack. After successful release of beta program of Mortal Shell, they are ready to launch it officially. Mortal Shell is going to be release at PS4, Xbox One and Epic Game Store. Mortal Shell officially announced on their official twitter account the release date. Mortal Shell will release on 18 August 2020. Pre-Order of the game is already on-air on epic games store. Mortal Shell already confirmed the price of the game and set at $29.99 (€34.99/£29.99/₹2,250). Price on Epic Games Store is $16.70.

          A message from Cold Symmetry explains: “We’ve heard your requests. In fact, we’ve been stunned by the sheer amount of people who have asked for a physical edition of Mortal Shell.

“So we’re delighted to reveal that a boxed version of Mortal Shell is now in production!

“Due to the extra time required for manufacturing and distribution, the boxed version will arrive a little later than the digital edition.

“Mortal Shell’s physical edition comes with an exclusive fold-out poster and softback artbook, featuring never-before-seen concept images and character art. Priced at $29.99 (€34.99 / £29.99), this boxed edition can be purchased at major participating retailers.

“Please note: The PC edition of the physical version does not carry a disc – enclosed instead is a key that can be redeemed on the epic games store.

“We appreciate that many of you wanted a choice and we’re delighted to offer it.”

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