Post Malone entered in e-sports.

Post Malone entered in e-sports.

          Post Malone is an American rapper, singer who entered in e-sports.

         Post Malone is become the co-owner of texas based e-sports organization Envy Gaming. This partnership is officially posted by the pop singer. For now, Post Malone and Envy Gaming didn’t disclosed the stock amount till now. Post Malone says that:-

“I grew up in Texas and I’ve been gaming my whole life, so this just really felt right. I have always wanted to be a part of bringing gaming into the professional sports world so to be involved with what Envy is doing in my hometown feels like such a perfect fit.”

          Post Malone is an American singer, rapper, song writer and sound recorder. Post Malone gave us popular songs like sunflower, circles, etc. Post Malone born on July 4, 1995. The name was rumoured to be a reference to the professional basketball player Karl Malone, but Malone later explained that “Post” is his last name, and he used a “rap name generator” to get “Malone”

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