Project L is next fighting game by Riot Games

Project L is next fighting game by Riot Games

          Some tweaks and leaks said that Riot Mortal Kombat is going to launch soon.

          Riot is now working on new fighting game after successfully launching “Project A” which is “Valorant” the new game will be a fighting game and started the public testing of this game, which have 1v1 combat or more mechanics that will be later introduced by riot. But for now in the prototype fighting video there is 1v1 combat. Game is going to look like the same art style as the league of legend or maybe the same characters for league of legends still not revealed by riot. So whenever they will release this game this is maybe possible this game is going to be free to play as riot other games are and also this will be the direct competition with Capcom and nether realm studios “Mortal Kombat 11”.

  • What is Project L?

          Riot Games given a sign of intention to launch a fighting game at EVO 2019. Project L is hinting us this fighting game. Riot Games haven’t officially declared that Project L exactly what it is. But some hints state that this will be next Mortal Kombat Game. It is also assumed that Project L will be a name of project that is working on this fighting game.

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