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Frequently asked questions

Valac publish is a independent publishing company also known as Valac games based in India, Valac publish is here to help all the Indie game designers, game developers and app developers with awesome ideas to publish their games or apps on different stores at free and minimum cost so they can Freely release their awesome creative work! Click here for more information.
Yes with Valac publish Free plan you can publish your game or app on play store for absolutely free. if you want extra boost and want you app to be available on different stores you can take the 500rs plan.
Yes you can ! you can publish all kind of apps and games with valac publish because we support all Creativity !
Because we provide the best services that no one can provide under this cost example- it cost 25$ = 1,871.87 Indian Rupee to create your google console account and then you can publish on play store but even after that you dont get any other servies or helps but with VALAC PUBLISH you can get your custom website, your blog, graphic help, SEO help, developers support and publish on more then 7 stores.
First choose your VALAC PUBLISH plan get your game or app ready. Hit Get Started ! we will help you with all steps.
if you have any question feel free to  Contact Us