Valorant new character SKYE is coming with act 3

Valorant new character SKYE is coming with act 3

          Valorant new character SKYE recently reveal on their social media platforms.

         Riot Games valorant had boosted too much from the day it released. Act 3 of the game is about to release. Many changes like leaderboard, rank system, match making is come with act 3. Recently valorant has revealed new map ICEBOX. It was already guessed that new character is coming with the new character in the game. The character was already leaked but yesterday, on 8 October, valorant officially reveal the character named SKYE. From the surrounding of forest, SKYE come with 3 wolf and bird as ability. More detail about SKYE is given below.

         More details about SKYE Valorant:

SKYE is a valorant new agent with some exciting abilities. Like Sage, SKYE can heal the teammates but she can’t heal herself, inshort self-heal is unavailable. Skye will have bird ability to see the enemy just like Soya Recon Bolt. SKYE can release 3 wolves that can chase the enemies and shot down. Wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down the enemy.  Now just think Sage and SKYE in a single team, “Healings on a board……”

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