Valorant new map reveal

Valorant new map reveal

          Valorant new map named as Ice Box in Act III just recently reveal.

         Valorant has just announced new map trailer on their social media platforms. The map will be live in Act III of Valorant series. Act III will be released on 27 October. Map will be engraved with snow environment.  It can be guessed that the map location will be Tundra. Valorant earlier leaked yesterday that something is coming is a snowy weather and today they announced the new map. More patch updates also coming with Act III.

          Act III will come with new map, new agent, leaderboard, new mode, battle pass reward, weapon skin and many more. New map details are given above. Leaderboard introduced for every region of the game. They also introduced new rank match making for player. For example the lowest rank diamond 3 can queue with a platinum 3, and the highest they can queue with an immortal 3.

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