What is DPI in gaming mouse ? What is the best DPI for gaming?

What is DPI in gaming mouse ? What is the best DPI for gaming?

What is DPI ?

          Every gamer and every person wants best movement of their mouse. Mouse movement affects your gaming crosshair and character movement performs. So here we Valac Gaming came up with the meaning of DPI and the best number of DPI for your gaming mouse after researching and personally experiencing the issues and speed.

          DPI stands for Dot Per Inch. It refers the physical distance measurement for the mouse. DPI can also be termed as CPI that is count per inch. It relates with your movement of cursor. Number of DPI is directly proportional to the speed of your mouse cursor. For taking an example, if your DPI will be at 12000 then your cursor will move fast and if your DPI will be low, it will act vise-versa.

          Dot in this term is stands for pixel. So expanding to the term is that if your DPI set to 400 then it means that it will take 400 pixels to move 1 inch. DPI just indicates the physical relationship and does not count the accuracy of the sensor or its quality.

What is the best DPI for gaming?

We are very fond of gaming and obviously you are too. We have played RPG, multiplayer, etc games and tested all type DPI counts. After going through all this, we concluded that 1600 is the optimal range of DPI for gaming and regular normal uses. But the DPI range may change users by users and weapon by weapon. We recommend that a sniper user may use lower DPI because a sniper does not want quick movement rather it wants to be stable as it uses for long range. Vice versa, a pistol user should use higher number of DPI counts. You can check out some best gaming mouse listed by us on our product blog.

Is DPI and Sensitivity are same?

DPI and sensitivity is a co-related terms but they have a thin layer of difference. DPI as stated is physical appearance of the movement of cursor rather sensitivity is software based term. You can have higher sensitivity and lower DPI and vice-versa. But it is recommended that you should use both term with sync. A imbalance between these two may clash your cursor movement.

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